•  "The staff and students appreciate Josh’s enthusiasm and clear love of Hip Hop. We feel blessed to have him here and by the sounds of the gym the kids are getting their groove on." http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b322/
    Marlborough School
  •  "The week is going fantastic! The whole school is engaged and having so much fun! Ty is doing a fabulous job and keeping the students interests completely piqued! We will be sad at the end of the week, because we have had SO much fun! " http://beaconheights.epsb.ca/
    Beacon Heights School
  •  "Josh is an excellent instructor. He is full of energy and the kids loved him. He did a great job breaking down all the dance steps he taught the kids. " http://nms.ffca-calgary.com/
    FFCA – North Middle Campus
  •  "I really value the dance program and love how I can reach my entire school population with activity together. I also saw that you offered a French speaking instructor which is brilliant as we are an Immersion school. I have had the STEP program before and really like the use of movement and sound." http://www.stsylvester.org/
    St. Sylvester School
  •  "I really value the dance program and love how I can reach my entire school population with activity together. I also saw that you offered a French speaking instructor which is brilliant as we are an Immersion school. I have had the STEP program before and really like the use of movement and sound." http://www.stsylvester.org/
    St. Sylvester School
  •  "We LOVE our instructor. I’ve watched him with different grades and during different times in the day. He is AMAZING." http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/williamreid/Pages/default.aspx
    William Reid School
  •  "It was excellent! Nicole did an amazing job. Everyone loved it!! We really appreciated that she was so knowledgable about dance instruction but also how to interact with the students!" http://go.vsb.bc.ca/schools/southlands/Pages/default.aspx
    Southlands Elementary School
  •  "AMAZING! Loved every minute of it!" https://www.cssd.ab.ca/schools/stdamien
    St. Damien
  •  "Wow....this was a highly skilled, capable and talented group of instructors. I can't imagine giving suggestions for such an outstanding week! The team was professional, respectful and followed our guidelines for entry and use of space. They were a dream team! I was also so impressed by the support each dancer gave to the teacher to model dance move expectations and worked to engage the whole class. Some of our more introverted personalities benefited from this approach and were appreciative of the additional attention. Children were so enthralled with the dance program they were spotted peeking into the gymnasium doing "the moves" in the hallway independent of an instructor. The students were completed engaged and enthusiastic about going to dance classes. They often asked, "is it our turn for dancing today?" The staff created such inspiration around the concept of expressive movement. The atmosphere was positive and great energy! We were sorry when the experience came to a close." http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/Tuscany/
    Tuscany School
  •  "The instructors of all the SK programs I have ever encountered make the experience exceptional for all people involved" http://www.hpec.ab.ca/conferences-events
    4th Annual PE Summer Symposium
  •  "Everything was once again awesome. Truly amazing how Asha could put together such a finished product in this time frame. Look forward to working with you in the future." http://eces.blackgold.ca/
    Ecole Coloniale Estates
  •  "I just wanted to let you know we loved having Nicole teach us dance this week at Douglas Harkness School. I have never seen all the students so engaged and excited. She was spot on tailoring dances to the needs and abilities of different classes. Nicole did an amazing job leading the performance at the end. Many of the parents commented that it was a great way to end the year. The teachers also learned lots throughout the week and especially during her Friday afternoon PD session. All I can say is that it was AMAZING! Thank you! http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b347/
    Douglas Harkness School
  •  "We love the programs they offer, instructors are amazing, it is super for the kids - both educational and physical - the price is reasonable." http://www.masters.ab.ca/
    Master’s Academy
  •  "Fernando was excellent with the students. He created a very controlled and focused leaning environment. The kids felt very comfortable to try the different moves no matter how athletic they were. He caught the attention of boys and girls." http://www.brentwood-school.com/
    Brentwood School
  •  "Meets curriculum outcomes, Expose students to dance, Expert instruction. Nando was amazing with our kids! Would love to have him back next year!!" https://calgaryacademy.com/
    Calgary Academy
  •  "I’ve been in class with Keston all morning, and he is AMAZING!! I’m very impressed with his instruction, articulation of dances and interactions with the students." http://www.masters.ab.ca/
    Master’s Academy
  •  "I’ve been in class with Kestin all morning, and he is AMAZING!! I’m very impressed with his instruction, articulation of dances and interactions with the students." http://www.masters.ab.ca/
    Master’s Academy
  •  "Ashely was AWESOME!!! She had great knowledge and classroom management style. Her interactions with the students was fantastic. She was super supportive and accommodating." http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b014/
    Children’s Village School
  •  "Excellent rapport with the students. Great grade-based steps and dances." https://www.cssd.ab.ca/schools/msgrdoyle/
    Monsignor Doyle
  •  "Strong, powerful instruction by a professional. Connection made to students was outstanding." https://www.cssd.ab.ca/schools/ourladyevergreens
    Our Lady of the Evergreens
  •  "it was awesome! kids loved it!" https://www.cssd.ab.ca/schools/stgerard
    St. Gerard School
  •  "The students and teachers are enjoying learning the dances. Our instructor, Nicole, is not only an amazing dancer, but is an engaging teacher who has great classroom management skills. She easily develops a rapport with the students and modifies her teaching according to their abilities. Her ability to speak French is also a plus in our French Immersion School. We look forward to having her back!" https://www.cssd.ab.ca/schools/stcecilia/Pages/default.aspx
    St. Cecilia School
  •  "It was a great experience!"
    St. James School
  •  "SoundKreations has a wonderful program for all of the students. They work hard at getting the students to learn new dances and make up some of their own. Our instructor was always happy and enthusiastic to help the students and he made if fun for all."
    St. Wilfrid School
  •  "Nicole was amazing. Her energy and love of dance was contagious. She is very skilled and facilitated our Celebration of Learning assemblies masterfully."
    Taradale School
  •  "Ajay engaged even our most reluctant dancers. Not one student did not dance this year! Last year we had a little boy who absolutely refused to do anything and cried outside the gym every time he had to dance; Ajay 'got him' in twenty seconds this year and you should have seen how proud that little guy was to do the dances this year. Ajay is simply the most exceptional dancer, teacher and person we've ever met! Ajay has a true gift for teaching and his passion and love for dance and kids is outstanding."
    St. Thomas Aquinas School
  •  "All fantasic!"
    Rundle College
  •  "Ben was amazing. All our students are turned on to dance after having Ben work with them for 4 days."
  •  "This was a great program. My students loved it and participated. Even those that are not usually invested in Gym were right in there dancing - so thank you!"
    Erin Woods School
  •  "We throughly enjoyed have Sound Kreations residency in our school. Keston Ross is a wonderful instructor. He developed a great rapport with both our staff and students. Keston is professional, highly-skilled as a dancer, easy to work with and flexible in planning for performances."
    Chinook Park School
  •  "The afternoon demonstration was very well attended by parents. They seemed to really enjoy the experience. Nicole had us all up dancing in the end. Great work!"
    St. Jude School
  •  "Students LOVED the high energy of the program and our instructor was a GREAT asset to our teachers and students."
    Marlborough School
  •  "Students really responded well to Nicole's dance environment she creates as well as her encouragement."
    St. Kateri Tekakwitha School
  •  "An outstanding week in every way! Nando is a gem! SO great to work with I cannot speak highly enough about the week! POSITIVE, INCREDIBLE, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, CHALLENGING... Cant wait for next time! THANKS so much for being such a great company to work with!"
    Foothills Academy
  •  "Ashley was great with ALL ages- really clear with expectations and great class management."
    Woodbine School
  •  "It was a very good experience! It was nice as a teacher to see the kids respond to a different instructor."
    St. Vincent de Paul
  •  "We have had an amazing day with Nando!!! I am so very impressed with the lesson content, variety of styles and teaching! Can't wait to learn more tomorrow."
    Foothills Academy
  •  "Good feedback from parents after the Kindergarten last class. They were impress on how AJ was able to deal with young kids."
    Holy Name School
  •  "I felt that it was a very positive experience, and I would definitely invite Ben and SoundKreations back to do this again!"
    Southlands Elementary School
  •  "This past week has been so much fun! Josh is amazing! He was able to engage everybody. The kids loved it and have been dancing all around the school all week. I loved how there were two different songs and styles to our dance. It was a really cool way to expose the kids to different music and dance styles."
    McLeod School
  •  "Theresa was very mild speaking and was able to get students to listen through actions. It was a very positive experience!"
    St. Catherine School
  •  "Keston our instructor was fantastic. He had so much energy and was always positive towards the students."
    George P. Vanier
  •  "Thank you SoundKreations for engaging and motivating our students in Zumba! I love that Zumba not only creates a fun opportunity for physical movement, but also teaches students rhythm, spatial awareness and body control."
    Marlborough School
  •  "We just finished up our 4th day of lessons with Ajay and the kids had a blast! He taught in French classes from Grade 7 to 9 and had all the students engaged and dancing including our Grade 12 boys! We loved learning stomp, hip hop, and animation. The dances were the perfect level of difficulty for our kids that had never danced before but still challenging enough for kids that have been in dance for many years. Un gros merci à Ajay!" - Calgary French and International School
    Calgary French International School
  •  "Very personable instructor. Kids felt safe to be themselves."
    FFCA South Middle School
  •  "It was a great experience!"
    William Reid
  •  "Ashley was an amazing instructor with all of the students. She did an excellent job of bringing it to their level, either grade 6 or down to kindergarten. She shared her passion and knowledge with the kids but also with teachers and parents who came to speak with her."
    Simons Valley School
  •  "The kids loved it!"
    St. Sebastian Elementary
  •  "We have had it in the past and this is the most successful residency we have every had. Students, staff and parents are extremely positive about this program and Ajay specifically. The learning pervades the building. We can see students dancing outside at recess, in the halls, and while they work. The smiles on their faces are priceless when they dance! Ajay is amazing. He is so enthusiastic, energetic, personable and knowledgable. He gets kids so passionate about dancing and they chanted for him to dance for them at the assembly. We couldn't ask for anything more. The students are already asking to have him again and when he's coming back. He is a talented teacher, coach and mentor. We hope that he plans to be an educator for his entire life."
    North Haven School
  •  "Midnapore School LOVED Ajay. He certainly had a special way of connecting with all kids and making them feel significant on his dance floor. He had a great combination of a kind and playful, yet structured nature. It’s been over a month now that we worked with him and his name still comes up in conversations, and his dance moves still bust out every now and then!"
    Midnapore School
  •  "Nicole was great at keeping kids engaged. Great classroom management. Liked how she ended each day with a little background info about each dance style, liked having 3 different styles, loved that parents got involved at the end of the classroom sharing on the final day."
    Andrew Sibbald School
  •  "We really loved Ajay as an instructor and we especially loved that he spoke French! Often when programs are offered in French, the quality of the language is not great, but that was not at all the case with Ajay. His French is beautiful and it was really wonderful for students to see someone so cool speaking French!"
    Westgate School
  •  "Nando was AMAZING!!! He is so good with the kids and had such great classroom management with them all. He was very polite and organized. All was AMAZING"
    John Paul II
  •  "The dance instructor was fantastic in that we did play around with our schedule and she took it will good grace and a big smile on her face what a marvelous person. It all went so well. Now that being said the children seemed to enjoy it immensely."
    St. Luke School
  •  "The experience was exceptional."
    Suzuki Charter School
  •  "Benjamin's patience, and willingness to work with us above and beyond."
    W. H. Cushing Workplace School
  •  "Asha is great! Can't think of any suggestions. Love the flexibility that Asha allowed us. We were able to switch a group here and there and she was able to make it work."
    École Coloniale Estates School
  •  "Ajay was great and really reached the students. He was well prepared and very receptive to the needs of the students and classes."
    Big Rock School
  •  "Miss Nicole is so fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To see the students ALL smiling and having fun is amazing. This program is so great."
    Holy Family School
  •  "Instructor is awesome. All the grade 3C students were excited and engaged during the 1/2 hour. Ben from SoundKreations was amazing with the kids. He kept them engaged the whole time! What an amazing first class! Ben did an awesome job of picking songs that were exciting for each age groups! He made it clear that they were there to learn have fun, and made it less it intimidating while still impressive."
    St. Mark School
  •  "The students absolutely love the program. I can't say enough positive. It is great and Josh is fantastic with the students!!! Josh is excellent with the Grade One students. He is also high energy, which is great with the young kids"
    Fraser School
  •  "Ben is an amazing instructor! He is an excellent teacher!"
    Master’s Academy
  •  "It is so enjoyable, the teachers, students and parents love the excitement and enthusiasm it brings to the school as a whole community!"
    St. Boniface School
  •  "Cody was very engaging. Her ability to interact effectively with all students K-6 was her strength. It was remarkable that she was able to modify the lesson to meet the needs of my kindergarten students and then use the same music to work with students at a higher grade level. My students loved the game she played at the end of the session before she completed with the cool down exercises. She used every moment of the 30 minute class and remained punctual and high energy throughout the day."
    St. Bede School
  •  "Cody was an awesome instructor for the zumba program. It did not matter which grade K to 6 she was dealing with she was friendly, encouraging and very professional. In particular her program struck a chord with all ranges of kids, from the athletic to those who were ADHD , behavior issues or students who were largely unmotivated in pe. Her steps challenged those who wanted the challenge but she never made those who could not do the steps feel out of place."
    St. Bede School
  •  "Nicole has been amazing. She worked well with a bunch of struggling students and was able to change up her class to increase engagement. The students really enjoyed having her and were stoked about HipHop."
    Children’s Village School
  •  "Nicole was outstanding. Very talented, resourceful and patient."
    St. Jude
  •  "The students are in love with Ajay! He was friendly and engaging and really had the students involved in their Hip Hop experience. We cannot say enough about his abilities to engage students in the programming."
    St. Wilfrid School
  •  "AJ was very good with the wide range of students he was teaching."
    Springbank School
  •  "cool, kind, fantastic management of students, punctual, reliable, professional"
    Our Lady of the Evergreens
  •  "It was fun, exciting and very engaging for students."
    Sundance School
  •  "The instructor was very knowledgeable and able to communicate with the students so that they were able to follow and feel very successful."
    Somerset School
  •  "Nicole was absolutely amazing! She engaged the kids and made them feel successful and confident. Awesome music selections!"
    Killarney School
  •  "Ajay is the best resident artist we have ever had in our school! He was so fantastic with the students. They hung on his every word. He is an excellent role model to our kids and they learned so much. I saw students dancing in the hallway. We would request him specifically in the future over and over again. His personality, talents and teaching ability make him perfect for this job."
    North Haven School
  •  "Ben was absolutely AMAZING with the kids. He modified to meet each grade levels needs and did excellent with our special needs programs."
    Ethel M Johnson
  •  "The instructor was very clear in her expectations and she had wonderful class management - clear, polite and friendly yet direct. She also kept the program varied throughout the day - age appropriate."
    Calgary French International School
  •  "It was great."
    Erin Woods School
  •  "We have had the program the last 4 years and we think it is an excellent addition to our students' dance experience. Ben is an amazing instructor. The students love to learn from him and he inspires our students to dance."
    FFCA SWE Campus
  •  "I'm so thrilled with our program already! I've had two teachers come to me unsolicited to tell me that they LOVED their first class!"
    North Haven School
  •  "Ben was a perfect fit for our students. He was easy-going and encouraging. They had a blast and felt comfortable trying new things right from the start."
    Coronation School
  •  "Ralph did an excellent job and the kids just loved him!"
    Sunnyside School
  •  "Nicole was absolutely amazing. Her knowledge and preparation is outstanding. She was able to lead all students through their dances by instilling enthusiasm while maintaining classroom control. "
    St. Catherine School
  •  "Everyone was so impressed."
    Father Doucet School
  •  "I just wanted to let you know that the program is going well. Ashley has been with our school and she is an excellent instructor. She is cheery, enthusiastic and the students are having so much fun with her instructing. Thanks for a great program!"
    Msgr. JJ O’Brien School
  •  "Great communication with Theresa and Jordan. Excellent rapport with students and staff."
    Colonel Walker School
  •  "Nando was amazing with the students! He was calm and well spoken, and he and the students had a great rapport. He even created a special dance sequence for the teachers!"
    William Reid
  •  "Engaging, flexible, challenging. Keep up the good work"
    T.B. Riley
  •  "Engaging, flexible, challenging. Keep up the good work"
    T.B. Riley
  •  "Cody was an amazing instructor! She was not only knowledgeable in her area of expertise but was very patient with the students. Cody was friendly and was able to adjust the level of difficulty as each grade needed. The students loved her!"
    Simons VAlley
  •  "There were so many positives that came out of the Bollywood program. Cody was an amazing instructor who had control of the kids and was able to engage all students. Students would come into the gym and cheer because they had Bollywood. Boys in Gr.6 loved the experience and really tried hard to keep up with Cody. Each class an amazing time. Cody did a different routine for each class which was very impressive. Her knowledge and organization was unbelievable. The performance was amazing. Each group did a fantastic job and parents liked how each group did a different dance. Also the performance was very authentic and a lot of fun. There was so much energy in the school during the performances. Kids enjoyed performing, it wasn't stressful as the attitude was to have fun and enjoy the experience. Some Gr. 6 students said "They loved it because it was unique and it was really fun." From a Gr. 5 student-"I really liked it because it was a new style dance and it was something I haven't learned before."
    Simons Valley
  •  "I just wanted to let you know that the Dance program at HD Cartwright has been going extremely well this week! Ajay has been doing a fantastic job with the students and we couldn’t be happier!
    H.D. Cartwright
  •  "The staff loved the way Ben taught the kids! He engaged each learner and was kind and cool and knew how to deal with the ages of the children."
    Fish Creek School
  •  "The staff loved the way Ben taught the kids! He engaged each learner and was kind and cool and knew how to deal with the ages of the children."
    Fish Creek School
  •  Cody did a great job of teaching the history and culture of hip hop in an engaging way. His instructional methods were enthusiastic, awesome, and appropriate for all of the classes he taught. He was very patient with students, and clear with his behavioral expectations. Students, teachers and parents all loved the dance routines that he taught. The performance went very smoothly! It was a great experience for everyone involved!!!
    Thorncliffe School
    St. Sebastian Elementary School
    St. Sebastian Elementary
  •  "I felt that the level of each dance for each grade was very appropriate. Our instructor Ben was amazing with the students at all levels. He had a wonderful way of making the students feel like they could do anything he taught them. He was very easy going with schedules and different needs of classes. A great inspiration to the future dancers of the world. My only wish is that the programs were a little longer. I am not sure if this is realistic considering the time constraints, but would love to see the kids dance more."
    Fish Creek School
  •  "The students LOVED it."
    Marlborough School
  •  Just wanted to thank you so much for sending us Cody. He was amazing with all the students from kindergarten all the way up to grade 8. His professional manner and enthusiasm and knowledge was contagious and everyone absolutely loved him.
    Banded Peak School
  •  Cody was an exceptional teacher. He communicated well with the students and kept them engaged. Students were excited to learn, practice and perform their routines. We really felt that during our assembly to showcase what the students learned, there were successful feelings which was noticeable by how many parents came to the assembly and the big smiles on students' faces while they performed.
    Keeler School
  •  Our instructor, Ben Perrin, was wonderful, as always. He was the epitome of the perfect classroom teacher with great knowledge of dance. His classroom management skills left little for the teachers to do in terms of discipline, and allowed teachers to fully enjoy the program whilst also participating. Delivery of this program is only as good as the instructor, and we are blessed to have had Ben, now for the second time.
    Our Lady of the Snows
  •  Mr. Nando was great with students and communicated well with the staff. I heard many comments from staff regarding his ability to speak to children, to bring down the dance moves so children would understand and his class management skills were superb. We would love to have him back at any time.
    Thornliffe School
  •  Simply Awesome! Matt and Nicole were excellent with our students. Their energy, variety of presentations, interactions, and ability to not only have the kids enjoy themselves, but to actually learn to dance was outstanding
    FE Osborne
  •  I was only in the school this morning with the instructor, but I am already incredibly impressed by what he has to offer. He's great with the kids, creates a fun, safe and engaging environment and it is evident that students are enjoying themselves.
    O.S. Geiger
  •  I am still getting positive feedback from students, parents, teachers and administrators in regards to the program!
    GS Lakie Middle School
  •  Nicole was amazing! Her energy was so positive, we all had a great time!
    William Reid School
  •  Cody was fantastic. All of the teachers absolutely loved him.
    Rundle College Academy
  •  Ben is great. A grade 2 class came into music yesterday and showed me about 10 moves already!!!impressive.
    Maple Ridge School
  •  Just wanted to say that Tyler has been an excellent instructor this week at HDC. He is awesome with the kids and they really have had a good time this week.
    H.D. Cartwright
  •  Loved it, it is so inclusive all kids were successful!!!!
    Fish Creek School
  •  The instructor was great with the students and conducted his lessons in a teachable way. Ex. Warm-Up, Practice, and then Putting together a dance. He reviewed what he taught with the students, which was great. He was overall a great dance teacher! The instructor even accommodated a teacher dance.
    Ranchlands School
  •  Ben was amazing. I have had numerous parents comment on how much their child loved the program. He made the program appealing and exciting for the students. I am confident that I will HAVE to bring this program back next year.
    Jennie Elliot School
  •  We really enjoyed the program and our kids had a blast.
    Cecil Swanson School
  •  Nicole was great with the students. She had excellent classroom management skills. Nicole was a very energetic and active teacher
    Ernest Manning High School
  •  The Soundkreations program has just begun but I can already tell that the students are having a blast! Cody is organized, upbeat and motivating our students to develop their dance skills as well as confidence. Thank you once again!
    Elbow Valley School
  •  The students LOVED it.
    Marlborough School
  •  I loved our instructor! He really took the time to break down all of the moves and really had fun with the kids. The students were enjoying it and they are still talking about the experience they had. Josh was wonderful and I would definitely work with him again.
    St. Joseph Highschool
  •  Nicole was fantastic! She arrived about a half hour early, allowing time for us to chat and set up what she required. During the lessons, her energy was contagious. Many of the students and staff, who would normally be reluctant to participate, were up and dancing. I had many staff approach me stating how great she was and how her lessons were developmentally appropriate. One teacher requested some of Nicole's songs, as they wanted to use them in her classroom. The older students stated she was "funny" and that they found her moves easy and she was able to break them down for them so they could be successful.
    Children’s Village School
  •  Nicole was terrific with our students. She motivated them to try all kinds of new dance moves.
    St. Boniface School
  •  The staff and students had nothing but praise for our instructor and the dance program. We would love to have this again next year.
    Calgary Christian Elementary
  •  The facilitator, Wakefield, was unbelievable. So talented. It was a pleasure to have him at our school.
    Monsignor J.S. Smith
  •  We want you to know that we absolutely loved our instructor and the dance program. She was fun and engaging and we heard nothing but positive feedback. The music for the dance program was totally appropriate for our school.
    Calgary Christian School
  •  It was great to get the emails from Jordan to keep us organized: Getting the contract signed, Getting the schedule in place, expectations, questions answered and all in good time. Thanks for all of that. You have done a superior job.
    Rosscarrock School
  •  Fernando was great with the kids. He was extremely energetic, friendly and motivated.
    St. Andrew School
  •  St. Andrew has had SoundKreations here for many years. The kids, staff and parents love it!
    St. Andrew School
  •  Our instructor was very personable, recognized the times when children needed a break and time to review. He understood that the children needed to be engaged and spoken directly to as opposed to spoken down to. He had a friendly manner and children looked up to him as a role model to follow.
    Marion Carson School
  •  The program is absolutely AMAZING!!! Ben is incredible with the students and his program execution!!!
    Master’s Academy
  •  I just want to say a huge thank you! The students and staff at Chinook Park School really enjoyed working with Wakefield Brewster and his Slam Poetry. Comments from students included "I never knew poetry could be like that!" and "You made poetry interesting, can we write some more?" Thanks again for all the help and wonderful programming at Chinook Park School. We enjoyed both the Stomp dance and the Slam Poetry tremendously!
    Chinook Park School
  •  We had Fernando. I would like to mention that he was excellent. He was super with kindergarten all the way through to gd 6. He varied the lessons to fit their age group. He also had very good crowd control will all of the classes.
    Brentwood School
  •  The program was a great success! The kids enjoyed each day with Josh and were definitely not happy on Friday when they knew it was his last day. The kids learnt some great dances and they can't wait to perform them for the spring concert.
    Mother Teresa Catholic School
  •  Tyler was excellent with students at all age levels. He was patient and able to tailor his teaching to the group he was dealing with at the time. Very impressed.
    St. John XXIII School
  •  We loved our experience again this year and we are hoping to book another type of dance for next year. The final show attracted out parents who were once again amazed on how the students can learn a choeography so fast. Thank you again and looking forward to having you next year at our school.
    St. Cecilia School
  •  Absolutely wonderful week!
    St. Patrick School
  •  The communication from Jordan is above any other program we book into our school. I like the contact before the program, the introduction to our instructor, the police clearance provided, and the reminder to make sure we pay our bill I would recommend the program to all schools.
    Foundations for the Future School Academy
  •  The instructors were great with our students - they had a way of challenging our advanced dancers and advancing our beginner dancers. They offered a variety of dances and music for each class. The way they ran the performance was great - well organized and exciting for all students & staff.
    Sir John Franklin School
  •  The students, staff and parents loved the program and the performances! We all loved Nicole and felt she did a great job. She is very good with the students and brought lots of energy to the program.
    Radisson Park School
  •  Mr. Nando was great with students and communicated well with the staff. I heard many comments from staff regarding his ability to speak to children, to bring down the dance moves so children would understand and his class management skills were superb. We would love to have him back at any time.
    Thorncliffe School
  •  We booked last year and it was great. Also, the support for the Grant writing and Jordan's flexibility made SoundKreations a great choice!
    Elboya School
  •  Tyler was an amazing instructor. He also taught the students about the history of the type of dance they were doing.
    St. Catherine School
  •  The instruction we have received over the past 3 years has been excellent. The P.E. Teachers appreciate the dance moves taught and the kids really enjoy it.
    Our Lady of Peace School
  •  "Nicole was awesome. We were impressed by the way she adapted to the various developmental levels (K-4 school) We did not have an assembly. Parents who are in the school regularly also commented how effective Nicole is as an instructor."
    Dr. J.K. Mulloy