•  "Melissa was a great success at our school. The teachers made various comments about the skills that Melissa had the. techniques that she used, that they hope to use themselves and enact in the classroom right away. For example: with the younger students breaking down the multi-steps into a story, was a great way for the students to reminder the different steps and the order. This is something I think many of us are going to use right away. Thank you again for offering this positive program and the positive and talented instructors that you have. Melissa is the third instructor I personally have had the opportunity to see and all ofthem have been a positive asset to the school and students."

    St Henry Elementary
  •  "Keston was wildly popular with our students by the end of the week and students were engaged! He was motivational and very positive. He sang our school a song at the end of the assembly, and all eyes and ears were on him. Most of our grade 5/6 students requested autographs after the performance on Friday, and Keston happily obliged. Thank you for inspiring our future dancers and singers, Keston!"

    Alex Munro School
  •  "Ashley was very knowledgeable and friendly and she engaged the students in a fun way."

  •  "Great communication and information prior to our program. Ty our instructor was amazing with the kids. His classroom management and energy with our students was outstanding."

    Strathcona Tweedsmuir School
  •  "Easy communication! Our instructor was flexible, kind and able to work with a wide variety of students."

    Wildwood School
  •  "Alexis was a great teacher, he engaged the students well and established routines for them to follow every day at the start of class. We had a great experience."

    Westmount Charter School
  •  "Josh was OUTSTANDING!!! We can't wait to have him back! Josh did a great job of engaging our students and teaching to their level/abilities."

    St. Veronica School
  •  "AMAZING! Loved every minute of it! The program fits in with curriculum!"

    St. Elizabeth Seton
  •  "AMAZING! Loved every minute of it! Leo was patient and really positive with my class."

    St. Elizabeth
  •  "Jasen was the BEST instructor we have ever had!!!!! He was AMAZING with all of the students from start to finish!!!"

    Sundance School
  •  "Ajay was awesome. The kids and staff loved working with him. It was great to have him return for a second year to build on relationships with the students from the previous year."

    St. Patrick
  •  "Josh was amazing! He is so authentic and the kids LOVE him. Tears when he said goodbye from many of them. Our staff was super impressed with the relationship building he did with kids in such a short time. He was so well prepared and professional. This was a great experience for our school community!"

    Evergreen School
  •  "Our program leader, Moises, was amazing with our students. He was funny, but held high expectations. The students bought into the dance and had a blast. I have been teaching phys ed for over 15 years and this is one of my favorite residencies, hands down."

    Buffalo Rubbing Stone
  •  "It was so great to see our instructor get kids excited to dance and they were very engaged."

    Ecole Beau Meadow
  •  "Our student enjoy learning from a professional dancer. It's fun and engaging for all students. It meets our some of the learning targets for the BC Curriculum."

    Richmond Christian School – Elementary Campus
  •  "We are a long time existing customer. Good program with quality instructors over the years."

    St. Kateri Tekakwitha
  •  "AMAZING! Loved every minute of it! This was the best program yet."

    Pineridge School
  •  "We appreciate that Josh teaches good character/professionalism through dance. It was a great experience."

    F.E. Osborne School
  •  "Our instructor surpassed my expectations! All of the students loved him and the class. By far, the best presentation we have had."

    David Thompson
  •  "We had Cody in the past and we love the work she did with our students. She did a great job with all of our students. My teachers were happy that she engaged the students as soon as they arrived in the gym. She kept the students moving throughout all of the lessons."

    William Reid School
  •  "Ajay was AWESOME!! He makes the program!"

    St. Sylvester
  •  "AMAZING! Loved every minute of it! Zam made it such a fun experience!"

  •  "AMAZING! Loved every minute of it! Both instructors were incredible!"http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/lesterbpearson/Pages/default.aspx
    Lester B Pearson
  •  The instructors were amazing with all the students""http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/drgeorgestanley/Pages/default.aspx
    Dr. George Stanley
  •  AMAZING! Loved every minute of it! This was the best program yet.http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/CecilSwanson/Pages/default.aspx
    Cecil Swanson
  •  "The instructor was very positive and enthusiastic!"http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/NorthHaven/Pages/default.aspx
    North Haven
  •  "Your Dance Instructor Jasen was so good with our students and also with any of the staff that he had interaction with. He was so great."https://www.cssd.ab.ca/schools/stluke/Pages/default.aspx
    St. Luke School
  •  Your instructors are unbelievable. They make the dances easy for the kids plus the are high energy and fun."https://nwe.ffca-calgary.com/
  •  "Josh was very good with the students. He talked about some growth mindset, perseverance and respect items that really hit home with them. He also didn't give up and tried lots of different methods to engage all of the kids. Thank you so much!"http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/childrensvillage/Pages/default.aspx
    Children’s Village School