Hello Parents!

There’s only one thing we love as much as getting your children moving and that’s keeping them moving! The physical, mental, and social benefits of dance are well documented and easily observable in children and so it is important that companies such as ours dedicate themselves to supporting the exploration and integration of dance long after we leave your gym!

So, you might be asking yourself… “What next?”

The SK team has rallied together and come up with a way to support your young dancers moving forward… SK Monthly.

SK-Monthly is a Student-Focused Newsletter built for one purpose: to keep your children dancing. Subscribers receive an Instructional Dance Video every month, created by our own in-school instructors, offering an endless number of dances for them to practice and share with their friends. In addition, the newsletter includes some fun and practical information about dance games, how to hold a Dance Cypher, how to organize your own school dance club and even some positive and clean tunes for them to dance to!

This newsletter, available only to those students who have participated in a SoundKreations Dance Program, is set-up to go to the parent’s inbox and is a completely ad-free, spam-free initiative focused entirely on building dance community and keeping kids moving and grooving!

If you would like to register your child in the SK Monthly Virtual Dance Community please follow the link below! Have fun and we’ll see you online 🙂