21st Century Competencies

Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Innovation, Communication, Collaboration, Self-Directed learning, and Global Awareness are all central the Dance Education pedagogy and the SK Dance Experience!


Critical Thinking (Focuses thoughts and actions to secure responses that are supported by evidence)

SK Dance Residencies give students the opportunity to look closely at the historical underpinnings of each dance style. Each dance style is an expression of a cultural and social context and it is through examination of these contexts that students may gain insight into the dance form.

Problem-Solving (Identifies strategies and tools that help analyze, develop, and refine solutions)

Dance is full of opportunities for creative problem-solving! Whether it be in the context of the story being told through a given dance sequence, or simply the physical challenges that arise when exploring a dance form, students must constantly evaluate the state of their bodies and minds and then implement an appropriate course of action.

Innovation (Looks beyond the norm for solutions or opportunities that can overcome obstacles)

There may be nothing more essential to any artistic expression than innovation and this is certainly the case when it comes to dance and the SK Dance residencies. Not only are the dance styles themselves born of innovation but students themselves are also invited into the practice of innovation through opportunities of improvised movement where they must adapt to change and take creative risks.

Communication (Seeks to understand, interpret, and express thoughts, ideas, and emotions)

Dance is a form of communication. In the mines of South Africa, when workers were not permitted to speak with their families and fellow workers, they would communicate through slapping their boots and stomping their feet. From this need to communicate the dance form now known as gumboot dancing and step, came to be. Whether it be exchanging messages in a mine, or expressing intimate ideas and emotions on stage, dance has always been the universal form of communication.

Collaboration (Builds relationships and works in teams to achieve common goals)

Through collaborative exercises and culminate class and school-wide dance routines, the SK Dance Residency provides ongoing opportunities for students to build relationships through collaboration.

Self-Directed Learning (Takes ownership of learning)

Through the performance preparation process, students explore the power of the community AND the importance of the individual. It is through self-correction and the act of taking responsibility for one’s own learning that the group becomes a cohesive dance crew!

Global Awareness (Contributes to the sustainability of the environment and the community)

SK Dance residencies are like taking a trip around the world! From Hip-hop to West African to Step to Bollywood to Latin dance, all dance forms explored in the SK residency represent a global and cultural context.