This is what we do.

We serve up fresh, relevant, and engaging in-school dance and poetry programs to schools across Canada. Every year we offer NEW programs*. No repetition, no reruns. This is how we stay connected to what your students are up to, to what your curriculum is covering, and to what is happening in the world around us! 

In addition to our Program Types, we offer multiple Program Outcomes, Languages, and Add-Ons! Please explore the options below and let us know when you’re ready to build your own SoundKreations Program Experience!

*Don’t worry! We will always have a Hip-Hop Program for you but the focus of the Hip-Hop program will shift every year!

Program Language!

SoundKreations is now offering our in-school dance residency programs in English, French AND Spanish!


Program Focus!

Looking for our Poetry Programs? Contact us for more info!


From the Bronx to the Videogame dance craze: This is the history of Hip-Hop! More Info


Bollywood spectacular- off the screen and into your gym! More Info


The swagger of Hip-Hop meets the rhythms of Latin America and the Caribbean! More Info


Hip-HopEVOLVE!, MumbaiMOVES!, and RagaRIOT! come together in one dynamic program! More Info


SLAM! Spoken Word
Re-frame the world of Language Arts and give the power of poetic expression a contemporary spin!

We support your students in creating a school wide performance filled with dance, poetry, and visual-art! (15 day min.)

Program Outcome!

*Evening Performance*
Students participate in a formal school-wide evening performance. Everyone is welcome! More Info

in-school dance residency program

*Daytime Performance*
Students perform their class routine in a school-wide daytime showcase. Everyone is welcome! More Info

in-school dance residency program

*In-Class Performance*
Students learn a class routine and share perform, in-class, on their final program day. Parents are welcome to observe the final class. More Info

*Process-focused* (No Performance) 
Students will explore movement and the chosen dance style in class, without preparing for a final performance. More Info

Program Add-Ons!

Residency Expansion Package

The Residency Expansion Package includes:

  • Online access to all program music
    (Share clean and current music with your students)
  • Sample choreography videos from each of our program styles
  • Resource and expansion booklets
    (Designed for teachers to take the SoundKreations residency beyond the gym and into the classroom for your students)

PD Workshop: Fundamentals of Movement

A Professional Development workshop designed to support Educators in embodying the five core elements that drives the success of every SoundKreations dance program. These five elements not only apply to dance but can be applied to various teaching or leadership scenarios. The ultimate educational goal is to easily implement dance instruction through a mindful physical literacy platform and improve mental and physical health initiatives for your students.

Workshop Focus: The Five Fundamentals 

  • Learning “basic core” dance moves
  • Presence in the classroom (energy, presentation, language)
  • Classroom Engagement
  • Curricular dance games and activities
  • Music

PD Workshop: Mindfulness Through Movement

A Professional Development Workshop designed to support your Educators in integrating Mindfulness concepts and practices into the classroom setting, allowing students to calm and ground themselves throughout the day!

What are the 4 key things you will learn?

  • What is mindfulness and why it is a valuable tool for your students
  • Mindful movement practices
  • Breath/meditation practices
  • Tools to give your students the advantage for a successful day