Terms and Conditions

Other than for documented medical reasons, there will be no refunds issued for class withdrawal once the reservation/registration has been made. SoundKreations Instructors reserve the right to withdraw dancers, in such cases, full refunds will be issued. SoundKreations Inc. reserves the right to cancel classes or change class times. If a minimum of 20 registered students is not reached for a given event, that event may be cancelled.

As the parent/legal guardian of the participant, I authorize SoundKreations Inc. to seek medical services in the case of serious injury or illness, if I am unable to be contacted. I accept financial responsibility in excess of benefits authorized by my medical services plan. I release SoundKreations Inc. and all sub-contractors associated with SoundKreations Inc. from all liability including any consequential damage, loss, personal injury, claims, causes or action of any kind whatsoever arising from participation in these classes. I voluntarily accept the legal risk, thereby expressly giving up any right of action against SoundKreations Inc.

SoundKreations Inc. will NOT be responsible for any theft or damage incurred during classes or on the location premises.

There will be no supervision offered to students before or after the designated event time. SoundKreations Inc. and their associated sub-contractors will not be held responsible for the well being of the students outside of the designated event times.

In accordance with Alberta’s Freedom of Privacy and Information Act, I hereby grant SoundKreations Inc. permission to videotape my child during the dance sessions and to use the footage for promotional and training purposes.