From the Bronx to the Videogame dance craze: This is the history of Hip-Hop!

From “The Freeze” to “The Floss” from “The Harlem Shake” to “The Hype”- The most popular Hip Hop moves and trends have a rich history that few know about! In Hip-HopEVOLVE we dance through the history of this artform and engage your students in the electrifying evolution of today’s most popular dance style!

Bollywood spectacular- off the screen and into your gym!

A dance adventure infused with colour, culture, and creativity! This Bollywood program is all about the explosive nature of the Bollywood dance style! MumbaiMOVES! invites your students into the flashing lights of the Bollywood movie industry, the richness of Indian culture, and the dynamic dance style that combines traditional Indian folk dances with North American pop culture. Big! Bold! MumbaiMOVES!

The swagger of Hip-Hop meets the rhythms of Latin America and the Caribbean!

Panama! Cuba! Puerto Rico! Jamaica! The Hip-Hop/Latin Fusion has taken the world by storm, with artists like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Justin Bieber bringing Latin music to the masses! The RagaRIOT! program is fun, energetic, and easily garners 100% participation among students K-12! No partner dancing! Think less ballroom and more Latin Street Dance… more natural… more flavour!

Hip-HopEVOLVE!, MumbaiMOVES!, and RagaRIOT! come together in one dynamic program! 

Let’s dance across the world together! This year we visit Mumbai, India in our MumbaiMOVES! Program, Latin American and islands of the Caribbean in our RagaRIOT! Program and we go back to the Bronx, New York to get down with the magnetic Hip Hop grooves in our Hip-HopEVOLVE! Program. Explore each culture through music and dance and embody the themes of cultural diversity, empathy and community!