Express your unique self in a way that invites others to join in! This is the world of Hip-Hop Party Moves!

Hip-Hop Dance and Culture has always been about COMMUNITY and expressing your unique self in a way that invites others to join in! The essence of Hip-Hop’s social nature can be found in the Party Moves! “The Cabbage Patch” “The Prep” “The Hype”! In Hip-HopPARTY, students learn that dance is meant to be shared and are asked the question: what do you want to share with your community?

Bollywood spectacular- off the screen and into your gym!

A dance adventure infused with colour, culture, and creativity! MumbaiMOVES! invites your students into the flashing lights of the Bollywood movie industry, the richness of Indian culture, and the dynamic dance style that combines traditional Indian folk dances with North American pop culture. Big! Bold! MumbaiMOVES!

From the rhythms of Cuba and the swagger of New York City, CubaNYC brings the world of Latin street dance to your gymnasium!

From Cuba to Panama to Perto Rico to Jamaica… to New York City. From Salsa, to Rhumba to the latest Cuban Street Dance phenomenon of Trapton… all with a Hip-Hop flavour that keeps your students moving and engaged. No partner dancing… just pure rhythm and flavour.

Hip-HopEVOLVE!, MumbaiMOVES!, and RagaRIOT! come together in one dynamic program! 

Let’s dance across the world together! This year we visit Mumbai, India in our MumbaiMOVES Program, Latin American and NYC in our CubaNYC Program and we go skip across USA to get down with the grooves in our Hip-HopPARTY Program. Explore each culture through music and dance and embody the themes of cultural diversity, empathy and community!

Re-frame the world of Language Arts and give the power of poetic expression a contemporary spin! We invite students into a new relationship with the written and spoken word, explore the misconceptions of poetry, and support students in creating and performing their own piece of poetry!