SK InterACTIVE @ Home!

Grades K-9 Physical Education dance unit. At home. 

For the past 12+ years we have explored Dance, Physical Literacy, Mental Health, and the Creative Process with hundreds of thousands of smiling students but only in Brick-and-Mortar Schools. With the influx of at-home learners, we decided that now  was the time to make our programs accessible in all  learning environments. Welcome to SK InterACTIVE: Hip-HopPARTY! This is a “Choose-Your-Own-Dance-Adventure” multi-day Video Workshop Experience made up of cumulative 30-45 minute grade specific lessons. The experience can include live stream check-ins from our instructor team and even a safe “Virtual Performance” at the end of the workshop.

The Future of School Dance Units

In the SK InterACTIVE Video Program Package students, teachers, and parents/guardians, take control of their workshops by actively choosing and engaging with the on-screen adventure. This is a Curriculum Connected, Grade Specific, and Teacher Certified experience. Note: EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY.


Express your unique self in a way that invites others to join in! This is the world of Hip-Hop Party Moves!

Hip-Hop Dance and Culture has always been about COMMUNITY and expressing your unique self in a way that invites others to join in! The essence of Hip-Hop’s social nature can be found in the Party Moves! “The Cabbage Patch” “The Prep” “The Hype”! In Hip-HopPARTY, students learn that dance is meant to be shared and are asked the question: what do you want to share with your community?

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High Quality and User Friendly

We can’t all be tech wizards! The SK InterACTIVE Video Experience is designed to be totally user friendly and always high quality. No audio or video issues. Hit “go” and let us lead your students in a remarkable InterACTIVE experience.


Totally Engaging (actually)

What? A Video program is going to keep MY students attention? Yes. This one will. Maybe it’s the “Choose your own adventure” element to our videos, maybe it’s the “History Flashes” that transport students to culturally pertinent places around the world, or maybe it’s the fact that we have spent 12+ years focusing on one main thing: 100% Participation.


Curriculum Connected

When we say “Curriculum Connected” we really mean it. The SK InterACTIVE content is backed by Certified Teachers and designed in-collaboration with our in-house Curriculum Consultant.


School Based or Home-School Based

This is the same program that schools across the country book to come in year after year. Rest assured that when it comes to a school’s dance unit, your child is receiving the same program they would if they were in a brick-and-mortar school.


Our online programs support students in developing their Physical Literacy, Mindfulness, and appreciation for the Creative Process. 

  • Application of Basic Skills in Dance/Fundamental Movements Skills: Through dance movement instruction, students will experience, demonstrate, select, and perform dance step movement patterns with various elements, effort, space and relationships.
  • Experience Body Awareness through Dance: Students will select and perform movement and dance sequences in response to a variety of musical, verbal, and visual stimuli.
  • Locomotor/Nonlocomotor Movement Skills: Students will experience, perform, select, respond, refine, analyze and add quality to a movement sequence and personal performance.
  • Creative Expression in Dance: Students collaboratively and individually generate, develop, and communicate ideas in creating and performing dance for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Understanding Dance in Context: Students connect dance to contexts of time, place, and community, and develop understanding of how dance reflects and influences culture and identity.
  • Leadership: Students will be provided the opportunity to describe, apply, monitor and practise leadership and followership skills related to physical dance activity.
  • Physical, Social, and Community Health: Students will understand the connections between physical activity and emotional well-being; e.g., feels good.
  • Effort: While working with an SK instructor, students will discuss and model an active lifestyle by being introduced to a healthy habit.
  • Safety: Students will learn and demonstrate the ability to listen to directions, follow rules and routines, and stay on task while participating in physical dance activities.
  • Space, Time, and Energy: Integrating, exploring, and using various levels, pathways, direction and size of movement. Development of concepts of freeze, tempo, rhythm. Utilizing movements that teach force and quality of movement
  • Beyond the Classroom: Students will develop healthy habits and have an opportunity to enroll in our SK Monthly Student Club. This is accessible to every student prior to and for years following an SK Residency!