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Home Sweet Home! In 2007 we began operations in Calgary, AB and quickly became the go-to provider of in-school dance and poetry programs to the school system. We now lead over 150 school programs every year in Calgary and Edmonton alone and have the honour of exploring the world of dance and poetry with over 50,000 students every year. SoundKreations holds a Master Agreement with the Calgary Board of Education and is an Approved Vendor with the Edmonton Public School Board.

We’re making sure that our School Programs are accessible to EVERY school… NO MATTER WHAT!

Teachers are superheroes. Parents are superheroes. When working together, they are able to offer children the full education they deserve, one that enriches a child’s mind, body and spirit. The recent focus on Mental Health and Physical Literacy in schools is not by accident. Students have never been more in need of our support and when it comes to these issues, we consider ourselves your partners. We work hand-in-hand with Schools and Parents, adding our unique and essential approach to supporting the Physical and Mental Health of children everywhere. At SoundKreations, Physical Literacy and Mental Health are what we call THE BASICS of Basic Education and are the main focus of our in-school dance and poetry programs.

Below, we have outlined some of the ways that SoundKreations is helping to make sure that every school continues to receive our essential programming… no matter what.


SoundKreations is the most reasonably priced program in the province with our 5 Full-day dance program costing only $5 per student. That’s without any discount or promotion! There is very little you can get for $5 these days and an SK Dance Residency is one of them!


SoundKreations programs are not only Cross-Curricular and focus on Physical Literacy, Mental Health, and Anti-Bullying but SK Programs can be offered in multiple languages (for bilingual schools), and even integrate Faith-based music (for the Catholic and Christian Schools). By supporting your school’s specific mandate, we offer you the opportunity to access funding from various pools rather than relying solely on the Phys. Ed funding.


Not every program needs to run for a full week and end with a school wide performance! We offer hugely engaging and extremely affordable 3-day program options that allow for large class sizes and include in-class performances! For a typical school, a 3-day program only costs $3 per student! 


Not only will we lead your SoundKreations Program but we will help you pay for it! Amazing right? Ask us about our School Fundraising options that can cut your program price in half!


PROJECT ACCESS is an initiative led by the our SoundKreations dance team to make the SK residency programs accessible to ALL schools, regardless of financial restrictions, by heavily subsidizing program costs for qualifying schools. Please click here for more info.


Our prices are not based on the number of students participating which means that doubling up classes for your SoundKreations Program can greatly reduce the cost of your program! Our instructors are uniquely trained to work with large groups!

Grant Funding

Hundreds of schools have accessed funding for our programs through the various Arts and Education grants available. We have years of experience in supporting schools in writing grant applications and with our online library of application resources, applying for funding can be a much easier task than you think!

Physical Literacy and Mental Health are not supplementary to a student’s well being, they are essential. We are proud to partner with schools and parents in supporting the basics of Basic Education!

 “The program was simply outstanding! Ajay created some amazing energy in our school for dance! His dynamic personality had even our most distracted kiddos engaged! I can’t rave enough about Ajay and SoundKreations!”  – Our Lady of the Evergreens, Calgary AB

Curriculum Connected:

Our unique dance programs blend artistic expression, physical literacy and modern dance instruction with Alberta’s provincial curricular requirements and your school’s educational outcomes. Through engaging instructional techniques we energize your student’s natural desire to create and express themselves through movement, inquiry, and of course, FUN!

  • Application of Basic Skills in Dance

    Through dance movement instruction, students will experience, demonstrate, select, and perform dance step movement patterns with various elements, effort, space and relationships.

  • Experience Body Awareness through Dance

    Student will select and perform movement and dance  sequences in response to a variety of musical, verbal, and visual stimuli.  They will be provided the opportunity to perform a choreographed dance sequence demonstrating elements of movement, dance steps, and patterns and encouraged to apply the principles of dance to improve performance!

  • Locomotor/Nonlocomotor

    Students will experience, perform, select, respond, refine, analyze and add quality to a movement sequence and personal performance!

  • Well-being

    Students will understand the connections between physical activity and emotional well-being!

  • Team Work

    While dancing together, students will Identify and demonstrate positive behaviours, thoughts and feelings, that show respect for self and others.

  • Communication

    Students will communicate thoughts and feelings in an appropriate respectful manner as they relate to participation in a SoundKreations experience.

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