Must program days be consecutive?

While it is preferable to have program days be consecutive (to help the students retain and build upon their knowledge) it is not 100% necessary. Sound Kreations will work with your school to accommodate complex schedules as needed.

Didn’t you offer "Stomp" dance before? Where did it go?

Yes, and we still do! The “Stomp” program is now referred to as the “Step” program, in order to more accurately describe the dance style from which the program is derived.

Can I pay by credit card?

It is preferable to receive cheques as payment. Credit cards are also accepted, but subject to a processing fee.

How many students can you accomodate per class?

The number of students per class is dependent upon the goal of your program, and the number of SK instructors present. Additional SK instructors are available for an additional fee.

Process Based Program (No Show)
55 Students/1 Instructor, 75 Students 2 Instructors

Daytime or Evening Performance Program
45 Students/1 Instructor, 65 Students 2 Instructors

Is it okay if there is a gap between program weeks? Will the kids forget the dance?

While it is preferable to have consecutive program weeks for the benefit of the students, we understand that this is not always possible. In a situation where there will be large gaps between instruction, we recommend that the staff record or write down the routines to practice during the gap, so that the instructor can optimize their time with your students upon their return.

How do you work with large schools?

For very large schools we want to ensure that every student receives quality instruction. We work with many large schools and the program format that works well is the “Mini-Program” format.

What is a “Mini-Program”?

Mini programs are designed for large schools to help everyone have the best SK Program experience possible. If a school exceeds 15 student groups or class combinations, it is often a good idea to split the school into two groups, each with their own self-contained program. Group A has a 5 day program, concluding with a performance, followed by Group B having their own 5 day program the following week. This allows for parents and students to actually fit in the gym in a performance program!

What will the performance look like?

The typical school performance has each class (or class combination) perform an original routine that has been worked on throughout the program. Each class will have the opportunity to share their own unique routine, set to their own song. This can be held as a daytime assembly in the gym, or an evening performance run entirely by our instructor. Parents, staff and students are all invited to enjoy the show. Most shows run between 45 and 60 minutes.

What can school staff do to support the program/instructor?

The most successful programs we lead are the ones in which the staff become fully involved. Engage the students, be present as they learn something new, encourage them, and maybe learn a few moves yourself! Nothing gets a class going like seeing their teacher bust a move. SK is all about fun, learning, and mutual respect between instructor and students. Anything the staff can do to help uphold those values will help ensure and outstanding SK experience for everyone involved.

Which program should I choose?

We have tailored our programs so that every single option will have your kids enthralled by the content we provide. That being said, if you are unsure about where to start, we would recommend Hip Hop as a solid way to introduce any new group of students to the exciting world of dance. From there, any school would have a solid foundation from which they can branch off and explore other styles.

Can Kindergarten students participate?

Absolutely! We think you’ll be amazed at just how much those little ones can retain. Not only that, but we find that Kindergarten will often have the most “fans” show up to their performances!

How many dance sessions does each class need before a performance?

There is a minimum of 4 sessions of 30 minutes instruction per class for a daytime performance, or 7 sessions for an evening performance.