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These discounts are just passing through!

$75/day Discount on  ANY program running in November 2018
($375 discount on 5-day residency)

$50/day Discount on ANY program running in December 2018
($250 discount on 5-day residency)

*All deals are subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other deals
**These deals will not show up on the website’s pricing page. Please inquire about the discount when booking

***These discounts cannot be applied to previously confirmed bookings

These discounts are here to stay!

SK Member’s Discount (Past Clients)Nov – May5% DiscountBOOK NOW
8+ Program Days BookedNov – May5% DiscountBOOK NOW
10+ Program Days BookedNov – May8% DiscountBOOK NOW
September/June ProgramsSeptember15% DiscountBOOK NOW
October ProgramsOctober5% DiscountBOOK NOW

*Please note that the discounts above are available only while supplies last. In other words, when the dates are booked, they will no longer be available! Please also note that these discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts. Otherwise… enjoy!