in-school dance residency program

Project ACCESS

PROJECT ACCESS is an initiative led by the our SoundKreations dance team to make the SK residency programs accessible to ALL schools, regardless of financial restrictions, by subsidizing 60% of program costs.
PROJECT ACCESS is not a one-time subsidy but rather an ongoing initiative. Qualifying schools placed on a list of schools that will may be offered subsidized dance programs on an annual basis.
IMPORTANT: We know from working closely with schools over the past ten years that it is not easy for any school to raise the funds necessary to run a quality residency program, however, please note that this project is not designed for schools that have the means to provide a residency to their students through typical methods but rather, is designed for the schools that would not be able to access a residency program without substantial subsidization.

Please read the information below to learn about and apply for a PROJECT ACCESS In-School Program!

How it Works

Submit your application
First thing to do is to complete the short online application form below! You will receive the results of your application within one week of submission.

Official Contact Form
If your application is approved you will receive a contact form to complete and some additional material outlining the process and restrictions of this project.

Once your application has been approved and contact information gathered, your school will be placed on the ACCESS List. This list will be updated annually but as long as the financial status of your school remains unchanged, your school’s name will remain on this list and may be offered a subsidized program on an annual basis.

Program Alert
Program dates are first offered to ALL schools at our standard rates. If, 2-3 weeks before the available program dates arrive, we have yet to receive a traditional booking, we will then send out a Program Alert to all schools on the ACCESS List offering the program dates at the subsidized rate. The FIRST school to confirm* using the included booking confirmation form will receive the program! Priority will be given to schools that that have not yet received a subsidized program.

*Email response does not constitute confirmation. Schools must complete the Booking Confirmation form to hold their place in line.


The PROJECT ACCESS subsidy program reduces the standard price of a SoundKreations residency program by 60% and offers qualified schools a 5-day dance residency at a price of only $1,000 (Approximately 50 cents per-student per-dance session).

The price of PROJECT ACCESS programs are as follows:

3-Day Program: $600 (REG. $1,515)
4-Day Program: $800 (REG $2,020)
5-Day Program: $1,000 (REG $2,525)

*Additional days are priced at $200/day (REG $505)

Residency EXPANSION: $300*
*A one-time expansion fee that includes: Online Access to all program music, Sample pack of choreography videos from each of our program styles, and Student/Teacher program resource and expansion booklets Designed to take your SK residency beyond the gym and into the classroom!

How do we do it?

A 60% price reduction is not an easy discount to offer! SoundKreations is not currently working with any outside funding sources or grant funds to make this project possible. This is an offering directly from our team to your school!

To make this subsidy possible…

– SoundKreations has generously agreed to make ZERO profit on all PROJECT ACCESS programs
– SoundKreations Instructors have agreed to reduce their instructor rate as a way to give back to school community
– By requiring that schools follow Program Guidelines/Restrictions without exception, we are able to eliminate any additional administrative work that would typically go into a traditional booking. Please see “Restrictions” for more info.


One of the reasons that we are able to offer these subsidized programs is that we are eliminating the majority of the additional administrative work that goes into a traditional booking. The PROJECT ACCESS booking process is, for the most part, an automated one and is totally inflexible. This means that all PROJECT ACCESS school programs must adhere to the scheduling guidelines outlined below. There is no room for flexibility on class sizes, session length, or class composition.

The good news is that our Scheduling Guidelines are based on 10 years of working with schools and combined with our many Program Formats (outcomes) options, you will find that there is a format to fit every school.

Program Outcomes

1. Process Focused (No Performance)
Students will explore movement and the chosen dance style without preparing for a final performance.

– No minimum # of sessions
– Maximum of 60 students/class (1 Instructor) and 75 students/class (2 Instructors w/ extra charge)
– 30 minutes-1 hour session length (15 minutes sufficient for Kindergarten classes)

2. In-Class Performance
Students learn a class routine and share perform, in-class, on their final program day. Parents are welcome to observe the final class.

– Minimum of 3 sessions per student-group
– Maximum of 60 students per group (1 Instructor) and 75 students/class (2 Instructors w/ extra charge)
– 30 minutes-1 hour session length (15 minutes sufficient for Kindergarten classes)

3. Daytime Performance
Students perform their class routine in a school-wide daytime showcase. Everyone is welcome!

– Minimum of 4 sessions per student group
– Maximum of 45 students per group (1 Instructor) and 65 students per group (2 Instructors w/ extra charge)
– 30 minutes-1 hour session length (15 minutes sufficient for Kindergarten classes)

4. Evening Performance
Students perform in a formal school-wide evening performance. Everyone is welcome!

– Minimum of 7 sessions per student group
– Maximum of 45 students per group (1 Instructor) and 65 students per group (2 Instructors w/ extra charge)
– 30 minutes-1 hour session length (15 minutes sufficient for Kindergarten classes)


1. Please make sure to include the information below in each block/session of your schedule:

– Start/End Time of block (eg. 9:00-9:30)
– Class Identifier (eg. Mrs. Smith or Rm. 5)
– Grade Level of Each Class (eg. Gr. 6)
– Number of Students in Each Class (eg. 35 students)

2. Maximum Number of Students in each class/class combination:

– One Instructor: A maximum of 45 students per class (performance programs) and 55 students per class (non-performance programs).
– Two Instructors (additional charge): A maximum of 65 students per class (performance programs) and 75 students per class (non-performance programs).

3. Length of Block/Session:

– K’s (15mins-45mins)

– Grade 1-12 (30mins-1hr)

4. Combining Classes:

You may combine classes as long as…

– Grade levels remain a maximum of one level apart (eg. Gr. 1/2)
– Class size remains within the maximum class size limits
– Class combinations remain consistent throughout the entire program

5. Instructor Energy Breaks:

– Morning Break: Please include a morning break of at least 10 minutes

– Lunch Break: Please include a lunch break of at least 45 minutes

6. Minimum Number of Sessions:

– Process Focused Program: No minimum # of sessions required
– In-Class Performance: 3 Sessions minimum
– Daytime Performance: 4 Session minimum (additional rehearsal time recommended)
– Evening Performance: 7 Session minimum (dress rehearsal recommended)

7. Performance:

If you have booked a Day-time or Evening performance program and have anywhere between 8-12 performance groups involved in the final showcase, you can expect a total performance length of approximately 45 minutes. That being said, it is always a good idea to set aside a full hour for the performance… just to be safe 🙂