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Performing in a musical capacity since age six and writing for the past 16 years, Wakefield Brewster, aka: ‘da lyrical pitbull’, has made his dynamic presence known on nearly 700 stages in the past seven years.

One of the country’s most renowned Black poets, he can be experienced literally everywhere. He has appeared on TV Ontario’s ‘Imprint’, CBC’s Hot Type – with Jian Gomeshi, performed at Word on the Street, was the featured poet opening the stage for Canadian Music legend, Jane Siberry at the Royal Ontario Museum. He has also performed on stages such as The Children’s Wish Foundation via Circus Project, ‘The Merriment of Ten’ and having radio interviews on ‘Howl’, a program on CIUT 89.5 fm with radio personalities Nik Beat and Nancy Bullis.

He has also been reaching schools inside of the Toronto District School Board and the Calgary Board of Education, bringing his poetry to students from ages 5 to 65, Grades 1 to University level, bringing his brand of lyricism to their attention and spreading his message that “poetry is not boring” leaving some students telling their educator that: “I never knew poetry could be like that – I’m thinking of trying it.” In 2003, his writing hit education status when his 2nd chapbook entitled, ‘Lyrical Pitbull Impounded’ was accepted as course material for Humanities course, “Fantasy and Topographies of Imagination”, HUMA 1625 9.0A at York University in Toronto, Ontario.

Wakefield is also the founder of ‘b.funkee productionz’, an entertainment company specializing in multidisciplinary art shows, the ‘Pitbull Poetree Reading Seriez’ and is currently recording his first double compact disc recording, ‘The Other Brother’.

In October 2005, Wakefield represented Poetry Slam Team Toronto in Vancouver for the 2nd annual Canadian Spoken Word Festival impressing the judges to near perfect scores, and in October, 2006, he returned to Toronto for the same festival, this time, representing on the first spoken word team Calgary has ever had.

Poetically known as Canadian Poetry’s Urban Icon of the West, this is Wakefield Brewster, the lyrical pitbull.