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5 Ways to Support your Dance Program

At the age of 11, Josh fell in love with Hip Hop. From music to dance to the culture itself, Hip Hop is where he finds himself most at home. Born in Calgary, Josh found his place when he took his first class. From there Josh has developed his original Hip Hop style by studying and combining foundations from all different styles such as Popping, Locking, Hip Hop, House and Freestyle. Josh has trained under some of the cultures pioneers over the years including Popin’ Pete and members of the Electric Boogaloos , Sho Tyme, Ken Swift and many more. A Street style foundation mixed with Funkstyle concepts, his style is groovy and precise. His passion is to pass down his knowledge of the culture to the future generations and express the positive effects it can have on a dancer’s life. Josh strives to expand his artistry and achieve his goals in the near future by combining his love for teaching with his hunger to perform and reach out to larger audiences.