Police Check 2018

Braden Lyster is a compassionate, goofy, creative ninja on a mission to help others tap into the true force of their nature. He believes connection, community, and creativity are the keys to discovering the hidden magic of ourselves and others. His mission as an artist and facilitator is to hold space for shame to disappear and playful power to shine through. As an artist, his specialties are music production, beatboxing, rap, song writing, singing, piano, guitar, comedy, dance and improv. As a facilitator, his specialty is deconstructing the process and making the lesson light-hearted and approachable for all ages and abilities. A balance of humour and practicality makes Braden a fun and and highly effective facilitator.

On his artistic path he is working on his solo project “Troo Knot”. He is constantly releasing new music, playing gigs, working in the studio, and planning the next tour. He is also the lead singer for fusion-funk band, Fermented Beet Orchestra. On his community path he works with Woods Homes, Alex Food Center, Globalfest, Movement with a Message, RIEL Institute, Beakerhead, and is a caregiver in the special needs community. At the end of the day, Braden is just a dude trying to maximize his creativity and compassion.