One of the best ways to help fund one of our programs is through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts!

The deadline for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts: Artists in Education Grant applications is APRIL 1, 2018! We’d like to invite you to join the long list of schools that have received up to 75% of their program costs covered for a SoundKreations in-school dance or poetry program. If your school is located ANYWHERE in Alberta, this is the funding stream for you!

Grant Approval
Although the application must be written by the school, we we will do everything we can to assist you in creating a successful grant application. We have an extensive number of tools to assist you in completing your application!

AFA Grant Insurance
If for some reason your application is not approved, your school is automatically eligible for a 10% discount off your total program price if you choose to proceed with the program.*

*Schools are NOT required to proceed with the program if they do not receive AFA funding.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the AFA Funding pool has recently been reduced by 50%. This is a huge cut and has greatly effected the number of overall applications that the AFA can approve. This means that applications that would have succeeded in securing funds in past years may not garner the same success this year. To increase your school’s chances of writing a successful grant application, PLEASE follow the steps below, use every tool we offer, and ALWAYS go above and beyond in your application!

The AFA Grant Application Process Step-by-Step

Before beginning the process, please familiarize yourself with AFA Guidelines and Grant Writing Tips, both which can be found on the AFA website HERE

The AFA Grant Application process is now an ONLINE process BUT before you are ready to complete your Online Application, you must complete the following five steps:

1. Complete the Online Booking Request Form HERE
*An SK Rep will be in touch to assist you in completing your residency booking

**Please note that there is no obligation to proceed with the booking if funds are not secured but you will need to submit the booking so that you will have all of the details you need to apply for funding.

2. Complete your Project Description (Must be completed by the school)

*Use the following documents in our AFA Grant Document Library to assist you in completing this section (password provided at time of booking):

3. Signed Artist Fee Confirmation Form (We will provide this document at time of booking)

4. Artist Resume and/or Arts Organization Profile (We will provide these documents at time of booking)

5. Grant Application Review

*We are always available to answer any questions you might have HOWEVER if you would like us to look over your Grant Application and provide feedback, we must receive your application, via email, BEFORE March 11, 2018


IMPORTANT: To make an application, schools will require a GATE User ID and Password. Please e-mail [email protected] at least five business days prior to the application deadline with the following information:

Legal name of the school as listed by Alberta Education (

Contact name of the individual responsible for preparing application on behalf of the school; and

Email address of the contact person (the User ID and Password and application instructions will be e-mailed to this address).

The Online Grant Application System can be found here:


After you have submitted your Grant Application…

Hang tight! Most schools hear from the AFA Panel by late June or early July. If the application was successful, great! If the application was not successful we will chat about ways that we can proceed with the program regardless of the outcome. Of course, you are not required to proceed with residency if your grant application is unsuccessful!