in-school dance residency program

Welcome to your EXPANDED Residency!

Your EXPANDED SoundKreations Dance Residency is fast approaching! Below you will find all the elements of your expansion package including: program music, student/teacher resource packages, and dance choreography videos for you to enjoy and share with your students! The abundance of resources below have been assembled with the intention of providing a spring-board for conversations, exploration, and more dancing! Please note that these resources are not a one-size-fits-all package and teacher’s are urged to adjust the provided tools to ensure that the level of challenge and difficulty suits their needs.

1. Resource Package

*In each of the sections below you will find the following materials:

Classroom Discussion Questions
Classroom Discussion Answer Key
Student Worksheets
Student Worksheets Answer Key
Student Self Reflection Sheet
Classroom Activity Ideas

*Please note that the materials can be used over as many or as few days as your program runs. Running an 8 day program? No problem! There is more than enough material included to enrich any number of program days. 

2. Online Access to Program Music

Online Access to all the squeaky clean and current music from your SK Dance Program!
*You will receive a link to your music in a separate email*

3. Choreography Videos

Dance choreography videos for you to enjoy and share with your students!

Program Style: West African or Around the World 1 (Hip-Hop/African/Caribbean)
Song Title: “Ku Ku”
Instructor: Nicole Pemberton

Program Style: Hip-Hop or Beat Street (Hip-Hop/Step/Animation)
Song Title: “Perm”
Instructor: Ben Perrin

Program Style: Caribbean or Around the World 1 (Hip-Hop/African/Caribbean)
Song Title: “M.O.R”
Instructor: Nicole Pemberton