Make sure you consider the tips below when assembling your AFA Grant Proposal!

1. Before you send your completed application to AFA ensure that you have included everything on the AFA Checklist (found within the application)
2. It is VERY important to the AFA that your application does not seem like a copy of the materials provided to you by the artists.

3. Schools that are successful in securing funds have used the provided documents only as a guide and their proposal sounds completely original.

4. Always include the artist’s resume with your application. Bios are NOT sufficient.

5. Always articulate your school’s core vision and clearly communicate how an SK Residency is aligned with this vision.

6. Be clear and thorough when writing the objectives of the residency- this is a VERY important part of the proposal.

7. Try to avoid being too conceptual- the AFA panel wants to be able to envision the project so be specific!

8. Make sure to discuss how the residency will not only benefit the students but also the community.

9. The AFA Panel would love to see information about Physical Literacy, 21st Century Competencies, cultural links, and curriculum links included in your proposal.

10. Do not simply list objectives or curriculum links. The AFA jury would like to see you explore and explain any point listed.

11. Make sure to use the following address for all applications:

SoundKreations Residencies
2805 4th Ave NW
Calgary, AB, T2N 0R2