The Alberta Provincial Budget has been released and it ain’t pretty. Alberta Schools are being asked to “do more with less” while student populations continue to grow.

We consider ourselves part of the team developing and supporting solutions to build the foundation of an enriching basic education. At SoundKreations, Physical Literacy and Mental Health are what we call THE BASICS OF BASIC EDUCATION and are the main focus of our in-school dance and poetry programs. We’ve all seen first hand, time and time again, the immediate and long term positive effects that our programs have on the entire student population.

I know that some schools might find enrichment opportunities harder to access with this new budget but to all Educators we’d like to say: SoundKreations is committed to ensuring that students across Alberta continue to receive our dance programs as part of their Basic Education no matter what. We are bubbling over with creative ideas of how to bring our programs into schools, like yours, regardless of the budget situation.

We believe that our programs could, in fact, relieve some of the financial pressure faced under this budget. Many schools do not have the benefit of a Physical Education Specialist and I fear that this may become the norm as we push on wards. For these schools, we can offer a fiscally prudent alternative to providing specialized programming (such as Art, Physical Literacy, and Mental Health programming) in a fun and highly engaging manner. 

The cornerstones of the SoundKreations Dance and Poetry programs are:

  • Physical Literacy
    Mental Health

And are not only closely tied to the Alberta Wellness Curriculum but also include elements of the following curriculums:

  • Wellness
    Language Arts
    Social Studies

This is why schools across Alberta consider SoundKreations programming an essential part of the Basic Education of Alberta Students.

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Doing More With Less!