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*Introducing… SK MONTHLY*

There’s only one thing we love as much as getting your students moving and that’s keeping them moving! SK-Monthly is a Student-Focused Newsletter built for one purpose: to keep your students dancing. Subscribers receive an Instructional Dance Video every month, created by our own in-school instructors, offering an endless number of dances for them to practice and share with their friends. In addition, the newsletter includes some fun and practical information about dance games, how to hold a Dance Cypher, how to organize your own school dance club and even some positive and clean tunes for them to dance to! Click HERE for more info!

*Featured Program: Raga Revolution*

Hip-Hop/Latin Fusion has taken the world by storm, with artists like Beyonce and Justin Bieber bringing Latin music to masses!

Sound Kreations Raga Revolution Dance Program is fun, energetic and easily garners 100% participation among students from Kindergarten to grade 12!

This dance program includes no partner dancing and features the up-to-date Urban-Latin styles and music that your students are already listening to.

Now Available in:
en Français & Español

That’s right, Sound Kreations is now offering our in-school dance residency programs in French AND Spanish!

Plus, add-on Residency EXPANDED!

Take your in-school dance residency program to the NEXT LEVEL with the Residency EXPANDED add-on to receive access to:

– All music used in the in-school dance residency program
– All choreography videos included in their program + 3 additional routines!
– Student/Teacher Program resource booklets to support schools taking our programs beyond the gym!

About SoundKreations

If you’re a school operating in the fine cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax then you’ve probably heard of us! You know that in-school residency  company that your friend over at XYZ School was raving about? Yup, that’s us! We’re SoundKreations: The in-school program provider that breathes life and relevance into dance and poetry units across Canada. We’ve led hundreds of school programs and have had the pleasure of introducing more than 150,000 smiling students to the world of dance and poetry! We are comprised of the top instructors and professional dancers, trained specifically for the school environment.

We offer an engaging and socially encouraged method of developing a student’s Physical Literacy and an appreciation for the creative process.

Our In-school Dance Residency Program and Instructors are engaging enough to get every student moving and grooving and you’ll find that it doesn’t take long for Billy-in-the-back to join Fiona-in-the-front! We focus entirely on providing the kind of program that your students connect with while offering endless opportunities for success in a context that is fun, fun, and also… fun!

We’re the in-school dance residency program specialists and making your gymnasium a safe place for students to take risks and succeed is what we do best!

in-school dance residency program
"Ben was absolutely AMAZING with the kids. He modified to meet each grade levels needs and did excellent with our...
Ethel M Johnson

in-school dance residency program

Why SoundKreations?


When you book a SoundKreations’ experience you know what to expect… every time. We are committed to providing only the highest quality of in-school programming and we deliver on this commitment every single time we’re in a school. We know that booking a residency program takes a lot of hard work on the part of the school and the parents and so delivering a remarkable program experience is a responsibility that we don’t treat lightly. We have a Master Agreement with the Calgary Board of Education, we are an Approved Vendor with the Edmonton Public School Board, all of our instructors have up-to-date Security Clearances and Liability Insurance, and we have a list of over 300 schools that book with us year after year after year. So go ahead, exhale, you can trust us. Book a program, book five programs, they’ll always be the best program you’ve ever booked.

Why SoundKreations?


Our instructors are some of the most talented artists in the city… really, they’re amazing. Give them a stage and an audience and in a matter of minutes, be it through dance or poetry, they will have that audience on their feet. However, there is one thing that they are even better at, and that is the art of connecting with your students. When you book a SoundKreations program, you are not hiring a dancer that will teach, you are hiring a dancer, a teacher, a mentor, a big brother or sister and someone who takes the responsibility of supporting today’s youth very seriously. Your school is our dance studio. In-school experiences are all that we do which means an SK instructor is uniquely trained for the in-school program environment. These instructors are not coming into your school to simply impress your students- they are coming into to your school to inspire your students, to expand their idea of what is possible... and to impress them 😉

Why SoundKreations?


We offer the kind of programs that your students high-five over. Programs that receive immediate buy-in. Programs that have that boy in the back slowly uncross his arms and say to himself “wait a second, I didn’t know we were doing THIS, sure I’ll give it a shot!” We are the purveyors of the “now”, of contemporary forms of expression and physical literacy. It is our program content that, time and time again, manifests in socially encouraged hobbies amongst students and that leaves kids with a desire to turn off the screen and get moving! Of course, all that is current has a rich past, and introducing the discipline in its current form garners us the student focus necessary to communicate the history of the art form. You can count on SoundKreations to bring the coolest programs in the city into your school and leave your students with a self-perpetuating engagement in the world of Healthy Hobbies!

Our Mandate (why we do what we do!)

1. To introduce a method of maintaining physical health in a fun and accessible way.
2. To develop the student’s skills as collaborative workers and creative problem solvers.
3. To give students an opportunity to develop new methods of healthy and creative recreation.
4. To give students a new framework within which the creative process is socially encouraged.
5. To explore an art‐form with ancient roots through a modern‐day lens giving renewed appreciation for the creative process.
6. To deliver content in such a way that the students relate immediately to the instructor and material, bringing the participation and involvement of the students to an exceptionally high level.
7. To create a safe environment for the students to explore, create, and perform within.
8. To offer endless opportunities for success!

  • Sonya
    Sonya Zimmer is a graduate of the University of Alberta, where she received a bachelor degree in Elementary Education with a specialization in learning diversity and physical education. 
  • Nicole
    Nicole Pemberton, Team Leader with SoundKreations, teaches artist residencies in schools with SoundKreations and continues to spread the love of dance through teaching at various studios such as DJD, Wildflower Arts Centre, Footprints Dance and Free Spirit Dance.
  • Jordan
    Jordan Dack, owner and operator of SoundKreations Inc. has been a dancer, poet, and educator all of his life.
  • Ben
    Benjamin, Regional Funk Manager at SoundKreations, began his adventure in dance at the age of 16 when he was accepted into the prestigious Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede.
  • Nando
    Fernando has a major passion for teaching dance and training as a top level elite dancer himself.
  • Ajay
    "To me It’s really about being able to connect and communicate with others through music."
  • Cody
    In my later years I developed a passion for latin dance and fitness where I then moved to Spain and travelled across Europe to train and then teach styles including salsa, merengue, bachata, and cumbia.
  • Josh
    At the age of 11, Josh fell in love with Hip Hop. From music to dance to the culture itself, Hip Hop is where he finds himself most at home.
  • Ty
    Ty Flemming is an energetic dance instructor, a conscious spoken word poet, improv hip/hop artist and a stand up comedian!
  • Katherine
    Katherine hopes to inspire the next generation of dancers through SoundKreations and leave a positive impact on the youth!
  • Melissa
    Melissa provides a cheerful and encouraging safe space for students to go out of their comfort zone and push past personal fears whilst integrating authenticity, confidence, connection, resiliency, vulnerability, and positive thinking.
  • Leo
    Leo took his first steps into the world of dance at age of eight with a Cuban group in Havana called “Dew Drops.” At a very young age, Leo had an intense passion for dance and participated as a principal dancer in multiple choreographies.
  • Lexa
    "Dance has no limits and when we all come together it is amazing what we can see happen!"
  • Theresa
    Theresa is known for her high energy classes for both children and adults, creating a safe environment where students are not restricted by the opinions of others or weighed down by the troubles of everyday life.
  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Dawn  specializes in a high-quality blend of world fusion sounds with conscious urban lyricism.
  • Braden
    Braden Lyster is a compassionate, goofy, creative ninja on a mission to help others tap into the true force of their nature.
  • Zam
    I strive for positively impacting others while creating a safe space to grow, to heal, to dream and take action.
  • Asha
    "I want everyone to believe that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve, as long as they're willing and committed to believing in their dream and in doing what it takes to achieve it."
  • Alexis
    "Surrounded by the rich tropical rhythms in Havana, Cuba, Alexis discovered his passion for dancing at just five years old."

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